Woodbridge United Church

Woodbridge United Church

We would like to wish you a warm welcome and invite you to visit our place of worship.

Woodbridge United Church (WUC) is located in Woodbridge, Ontario. Our congregation is friendly and open, and all are welcome.

Reverend Jon Vickers provides excellent insight into the relationship between the scriptures and the common experiences of day to day life. There are many social events to attend, casually or regularly, and opportunities to assist and co-ordinate are always presenting themselves for those who wish to be directly involved.

The sanctuary is an open, pleasant place to enjoy services and happens to have wonderful acoustic qualities, which lend themselves very well to the Cassavant pipe organ and concert grand piano.

Whether it's a Soup Sunday, choir practice, United Church Women, or just a few hours with caring friends while the kids are having fun in the Sunday school, WUC is a good link to members of your community.

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