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Arranging a Marriage Ceremony at Woodbridge United Church

We hope that your wedding day will be a time of joy and celebration.

Below is a brief guide to arranging a marriage at our church.

  1. First, contact the minister: Rev. Jon Vickers (905-851-1302)

    There will be two Key Meetings:

    1. Initial meeting to share information, set the date and time of the ceremony and discuss any special arrangements.
    2. Meeting to finalize the service.
  2. Legal Requirements

    Banns - For those who attend church regularly and have never been married before. These are read on three different occasions in the church to make public your intention to be married.

    Marriage License - You obtain this document at City Hall. You must present this to the minister at the second meeting.

  3. Music

    Music chosen for a wedding should celebrate the joining of a couple in marriage and assist the wedding guests, as fellow worshippers, to praise God and to ask God's blessing upon the newly married couple. You may have an idea of what you want already. If not, we can help you choose.

    Once your wedding is booked, we will contact the organist.

  4. Rehearsal

    A few days before your wedding, all the major participants in the wedding will meet at the church for a rehearsal with the minister and organist. You will arrange this with the minister.

  5. Wedding Fees

    A number of people are involved in helping with your wedding day. On the last visit with the minister before the rehearsal, the fees should be placed in separate envelopes with the appropriate name on the outside and given (with the license) to the minister.

    * Minister: Please contact the church office (905) 851-1302
    * Organist:
    * Custodian:
    * Sanctuary:

    If you choose to hold your wedding ceremony off site, alternate fees apply:

    * Minister: Please contact the church office (905) 851-1302
    Church (administration)

  6. Extra Considerations
    1. Decorations and Flowers - The church needs to be notified of times when you need access in order to decorate. You will arrange this with the Minister.
    2. Parking - The church parking lot will accommodate 35 cars. There is additional parking on the street.
    3. Confetti - Confetti is not to be thrown inside the church building. Outside only. Thank you.
    4. Photography - In order to maintain the formal and solemn nature of the ceremony, there will be no photography allowed during the formal marriage service itself. Photography is allowed at the end of the ceremony.
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